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Height of Cultural Disparity

I created these traditional Japanese Geta using kimono and obi fabric that belong to my family. These fabric belonged to my mother, my grandmothers, grandfathers and myself.  Aged, tattered silk cloths, some with stains and worn to a fade and a kimono that went through a house fire- they all capture a sense of history, past and present as they are repurposed into sculptural objects. 

The Geta themselves were created to create a sense of equality and duality; of culture and perspective. 

I made myself to be 6 feet tall to share a horizon line and perspective with an artist Maskull Lasserre. I also made myself 6 feet 4" to understand the world of another artist Thomas J Condon.  Furthermore, to explore Thomas J Condon's perspective of me, I made myself 7 feet 9 inches to reflect our height differentials. 

By literally changing my height and perspective, I wanted to see the world from another person's eyes. I wonder if I'll ever truly  see eye-to-eye coming from a different culture.

Maskull Lasserre

Thomas J Condon

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