Lorrie Saunders Gallery 

Solo Exhibition: Forget Me Not                                        

Forget Me Nots are a low-growing plant of the borage family that symbolize remembrance of the dead, enduring love and connection that lasts through time. This exhibition explore my Japanese roots in conjunction to my newly adopted identity married into a West Virginian family deeply rooted in the land. 

Installation View: Forget Me Not
Left and Leaving
Burst of Existence
Rhythmic Circle
Family Stone
A Mother's Wish
Installation View: Forget Me Not
Camouflaged Trophy
Avian Kingdom
Silent Eulogy
Constructed Dreams/ Comfort Snaffle
The Golden Years
Amorous Link
Finder's Keepers
Peri-Urban Jewels
Take Flight
Drywall Embroideries
At Spring's Edge
Unperturbed Tranquility