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Distance From Here to There:

Despite having lived in the United States for most of my life, my heart still bleed for the idea of a home that is far away; an idea of a home country- of shared language, culture and cuisine.  Yet there are approximately 6,858 miles that separates me from the roots that I left behind over 30 years ago.


Through these pieces, I investigate my own obsession of "home" and "family" as I explore the emotional journey of immigrants like myself- those who lack permanency or deep roots. These pieces are about the physical and emotional distance for an emigrant/immigrant searching for a sense of home. There's often a conflict in an experience of an immigrant- existing somewhere in between here and there. 

I wonder about my need to "return" to Japan- even though I have nothing to return to. 

I exist somewhere in those 6.858 miles- in limbo.

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