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1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA           

"Drifting Dreamers: Richmond, VA"

This was a community-based project where I collected people's thoughts and responses to the word "immigration." People shared their hopes, fears, dreams and personal narratives pertaining to this topic. Over 350 people of all walks of life participated over the course of 3 months. Participants included immigrants, migrant workers, refugees and mostly American citizens exploring their own roots, their neighbor's roots, their classmates and friends. 

I have since been invited to showcase this piece at SMACKMELLON, Brooklyn NY where 150 more people participated. Third boat will be created with the help of audiences and community members at the DORSKY GALLERY, Queens, NY through May 5-July 14th, 2019.


This is an on-going project in hopes to create a fleet of boats across America to capture people's responses to current political stances on immigration- in their own words- from their own experiences. 

"Love thy neighbors, everyone!"

PDF of quotes transcribed by the 1708 Gallery. "Drifting Dreamers: RVA" These are touching stories and histories of everyday people. 

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