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Pate de Verre: Glass Casting Technique. 

Pate de Verre is a French term for "paste of glass," and it is a glass casting technique revived during the Art Nouveau period. It involve casting with fine glass powders or crushed glass of various sizes (frit)- but above all, it involves a painterly approach to casting. Results from this type of casting is not transparent and shiny the way most people associate with glass, but rather opaque like a marble or translucent like beach glass.

This process involves model making, mold making and glass application. 

Using using smaller particles of glass allows for very calculated color placement and control, and by using binding agents, can almost defy gravity as glass melts into the molds. Using paintbrushes and water, I paint into my molds to create imagery and control color placement.

Pate de Verre / Cast Glass Works

Process of Pate de Verre and Glass Casting

Student Works from Summer Intenstives

Student Work: VCUArts Dept of Craft/Material Studies

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