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Size:  5.5" L X 6" H X 3.5" W

Material: Cast Porcelain

One of a Kind- no objects are the same. 

Created as a sculptural form but can be used as a sculptural vessel.

Hand wash only please.


It was a component of a gallery installation named "Fragment of Being" at the Visual Arts Center or Richmond, VA (March-April 2022)


"The way each of the porcelain pieces are stacked, combined, attached, sliced and reattached, I think about the different ways in which we communicate with one another. I think about the relationship that we build in a community- leaning into each other and melting on top of another to become one new object. I think about the exchange of conversations or perhaps the way we may share and feed one another. Action and reaction- these objects represent the complexities of human nature while also being playful in its installation.”

Still a part of me

  • Cast Porcelain is FRAGILE- please handle with care and only hand wash. Do not use abrasive material against the surface.

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